Other Replica Miniatures in the Shenandoah Valley Museum

I visited, with my family, the Shenandoah Valley Museum. One of the exhibits is a room full of miniature houses in one inch scale that are exact replicas of real historic buildings. These were commissioned by The late Mr. Lee Taylor. In the mid-1990's, I was displaying at a miniatures show in a ballroom of a hotel in Tysons Corner. Mr. Taylor was a repeat customer of my work for years. He mentioned he was building a miniature of a historic building called Glen ...Burnie in Winchester, Va. He asked me paint miniature one inch scale paintings of the artwork inside the house. I remember he invited us to the house, my husband and two daughters came with me. We took photos of every painting in the house. He gave us a tour of the grounds, which has a rose garden, Japanese garden and many statues. We then sat down and had tea and cookies, all the while telling us he raised a orphan baby squirrel in his pocket and named him Peter Pocket. I was fortunate to have kept company with him during this project. The replica of the Glen Burnie mansion was not displayed in the museum at this time, but is in the main house next door to the museum. If you get a chance, visit and take a look. But I also did other miniature painting for him, and those are in the museum. Some of of them is of the replica mansion from gone with the wind. Below are photos of the miniature paintings you would see in the exhibit there.

White House Easter Egg

In 2004, Pawinee was asked to paint the Annual Easter Egg for the District of Columbia.  On a REAL egg.   In order to prep the egg for painting, the insides of the egg was drained, and it gesso was applied.  The medium used to paint the image on the egg was oil paint.  After the paint on the egg was completely dry,  a varnish was sprayed on top to protect the painted image.